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Get Diesel Delivered to your doorstep 24/7 for generators, heavy machinery, and vehicles.

SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. is your consumer-friendly innovative doorstep diesel delivery startup making various approaches for meeting the refuelling needs of commercial and residential sectors as well as commoners with their everyday application of Diesel. We deliver Diesel for D.G. sets and other diesel equipment at the order specified time to any location in our operating area. Consumers can use SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. mobile application for placing their refuelling orders. Our startup service is sustainably designed to save time and money for individuals and corporates.

Working with SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. can help businesses save time and money while avoiding the risks of storing, monitoring, and tracking fuel supplies on-site. We have a fleet of specialized refueller vehicles that are ideal for getting into difficult spaces. We can travel to locations where large trucks can’t, such as bridges and highways with weight limits. As we believe that giving efforts to making your service exceptional can get your exceptional results, you can stay attentive about your company as we take care of your fuel requirements.

How do we work?

SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. is one of the leading doorstep diesel delivery companies in your area that offers reliable mobile refuelling services. Our service is designed to save individuals and residential, industrial, and commercial businesses time and money. Businesses may save downtime and avoid any issues regarding storing, managing, and tracking their fuel supplies on-site when partnering with us.

Whether you require diesel fuel capacity starting from minimum of 200 ltrs, we are the capable doorstep diesel delivery startup company to deliver any size of the load. Our inventory has all the specialized equipment and technologies to cater direct diesel supply to diverse sectors such as schools, apartments, hospitals, and commercial settings with diesel applications.

In order to request our service or place their order, customers can install the mobile app of SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. from their Google Play Store for free in the android devices. Then sign up to register their account by providing their contact details and address. Now they have unhindered access to place their diesel order according to their quantity requirement and scheduled time & location. Afterwards, you can track your order until it gets delivered to your doorstep, all in the comfort of your home or workplace. To order your service, open your app and visit the ‘currently fuelling’ section, so you can check whether our diesel delivery service is available in your city or not.

Our Vision

SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. is an ethical, certified, and compliant organization that prioritizes customer satisfaction over everything and utilizes state-ot-the-art IoT processes for the company’s success. We aim to provide personalized solutions for customers’ fuel management process so their products can improve along with convenience. Not limited to one area of business and having customers from a diverse range of industries, one of our goals with make environmentally sustainable approaches without compromising the health and safety of people.


  • No matter if you are in a hard-to-reach region, we have the right fit of diesel tankers to reach your location as fast as possible in a timely manner.
  • We have single fuel depot strategically placed in our operating area. Hence, we can provide you with same-day or next-day deliveries
  • We are the reliable doorstep diesel delivery startup company that makes deliveries 24*7, 365 days of the
  • We stick to our commitment to saving fuel by making no spillage and no wastage of SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. has the appropriate mode of secure transportation of fuel, so you can expect us to deliver the exact quantity of fuel.
  • Consumers can purchase fuel from us with the same price range and provide Diesel at your doorstep, further saving you the travelling
  • If you are looking for a large-scale diesel storage option and saving money on online deliveries, SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD., a doorstep diesel delivery startup company, is your best choice.
  • Consumers would spend less time visiting petrol stations whenever diesel refuelling is
  • No manual error with getting our automated billing
  • Know the status of your order and exact shipping location through our live tracking

Our method of ensuring Q & Q of Diesel

We use a unique yet authentic process to ensure the quality and quantity of the diesel fuel we deliver. For private automobiles, we offer a unique OTP system, which ensures the fuelling

process to not commence till as the consumer provides the correct OTP. This technique also guarantees the fuel does not reach any other customer.

SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. does not store the diesel fuel prior to orders being placed. We get our refuellers ready with the appropriate quantity from our high-standard OMC sources just before the scheduled date to preserve the quality of the fuel.

For large orders, SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. has loyalty cards and a unique RFID technology implementation that connects the end users’ device to our diesel refueller tanker. If our professionals don’t receive the right OTP or detect the right device from the receivers, the fuel will not come out of the delivery tank. All our delivery vehicles are integrated richly with advanced technologies and

A.I. performances. Hence, our refuellers can recognize which is the correct fuel tank that needs to be filled before starting the filling process while ensuring all the security and safety procedures are taken care of.

We assure

We are the innovative and reliable doorstep diesel delivery startup company that ensures you get your tanks filled with diesel fuels whenever and wherever you need them. We offer specialized fuel management systems that address all of your requirements for increased productivity and convenience. Consumers can have better control over their fuel inventory and dependability.

SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. values and respect the customers’ time and needs of various industries. Thus, we make on-time deliveries. We are concerned about the health and safety of our employees, as well as the environment and the quality of our procedures. Hence, we also provide you with efficiency and cost savings through a sustainable process.

Our team

SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. has a team of young, skilful, and experienced professionals who have varied knowledge in several business verticals.

Dibyendu Das
Dibyendu Das