SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. is your online platform for delivering diesel to your doorstep in the most efficient way. We are a doorstep diesel delivery startup committed to managing your fuel requirements in the most secure and reliable way possible. The aim of our service is to automate the whole process of our inventory management, so we can deliver you the orders in a timely manner through our smart refuelling technique.

What are the operation hours of SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD.?

As an online platform for doorstep diesel delivery startups, you can access our service 24*7. Whenever you want, you can schedule your diesel fuel orders. We operate our fuel delivery vehicle to meet deliveries around the clock.

Where are the fuel resources of SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD.?

SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. sources fuel for its inventory from reliable and authorized oil companies present throughout our operational regions available near your location. The fuel we supply is verified for quality before we get it out in our refuellers for making deliveries. We adhere to a strict quality assurance policy to offer you the best service. Prior to delivery, we do not use stock fuel which is only sourced when the Customers orders fuel.

How do I place my order?

You can install our mobile application from the Google Play Store on your android device once you have registered your account to schedule or place your order. Moreover, if you are confused through the process of placing your order online, you can simply call our customer service number to request fuel.

How can I see my orders?

Once you have signed into the SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. mobile app, there you can find a section for ‘Current Orders. There you can view all of the orders you have placed before and the current ones, along with their delivery status.

Is it possible to schedule for future requirements of fuel rather than ordering when needed?

Yes, you can schedule diesel fuel for your future requirements on our doorstep diesel delivery startup app. Please contact us on the customer care number or WhatsApp us, so we can get you onboard as our scheduled delivery customer for future orders.

Where can I view my refund status?

You can access all the details about your refund status in our mobile application. Go to the menu extension to find a section for claiming your refund, viewing and managing your refund.

Is it safe to order diesel at the doorstep?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for you to order diesel at our doorstep with us. SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. make delivery of diesel fuel through our state-of-the-art diesel tankers vehicles that comply with all safety regulations and has statutory approvals as well as licenses from Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization. Our fuel transportation techniques obey measures, weights, and taxation requirements. Our order delivery drivers and co-drivers are well trained to handle hazardous products.

How do we ensure the quality and quantity of the fuel?

As a reliable doorstep diesel delivery startup, we have our fuel tankers regulated as per the Central/ State Government control regulations and guidelines. In order to verify the quality and quality of your ordered fuel, we have instruments such as thermometer and density hydrometer, which are certified from BPCL. We equip our fuel delivery vehicles with appropriate equipment for checking the order quantity and quality. Since we obtain diesel directly from the reputed oil marketing companies, we make sure to maintain the quality and quantity checks controlled by the companies. Hence, you can get the same high standard fuels as the oil marketing companies at your doorstep.

Would it be expensive to order diesel for doorstep delivery?

No, we don’t add any extra charge for the diesel you order. So, you can get diesel fuel at the same price as you pay in a petrol station. Additionally, we don’t charge any convenience fee for delivering. However, we have policy that after a certain distance (KMs) the minimum order quantity has to be at least 600 ltrs for the delivery.

How to pay for a doorstep diesel delivery service?

All you have to do is download the SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. app and log in. Put in your request the amount of fuel necessary or for the amount you’d like to get diesel fuel and place your order. Then you can pay online according to the invoice billing and follow the delivery in real-time until it arrives.

What is SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD.’s order cancellation policy?

In case you are cancelling your order, SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. does not have any set cancellation policy yet. The platform will let consumers know about it when the policies are confirmed.

Where can I use the diesel I have ordered?

You can use the diesel almost in any diesel taking engine. Vehicles such as trucks, boats, trains, and barges commonly use diesel. Apart from that, you can use diesel in your generators, construction equipment, turbines, and more.

How do I cancel my order?

Go to the SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. mobile application to cancel your order. You can find the ‘Current Order’ section to see the status and order cancel option.

Would there be any charge applicable for order cancellation?

No. Whether you are cancelling your order for scheduled or express delivery, you can do it any time.

How long would it take to get my delivery?

We are the reliable doorstep diesel delivery startup to make delivery in a timely manner as per your needs. You can pre-book time slots on the app according to your requirements. Once you have placed your order, the delivery time will appear on your screen.


We work through a simple process. Customers can choose their required amount of diesel and provide us with information about the date, time and location of the order delivery for express delivery. Once the diesel is procured from the OMC it is then tested by our technical staff for best quality and quantity of the product.

What are SAGNIK FUEL CHAIN PVT. LTD. scheduled delivery and express delivery?

Scheduled delivery of diesel refers to when you place an order for a specific date, time, and location. This will save you money and prevent you from running out of diesel for your generator or vehicles later on. Express delivery is basically an on-demand service that allows us to supply diesel to any location at any time.